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Piper 2016 BRRip x264 720p-NPW

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Piper (2016)

Animation, Short, Family
Ratings: 8.4 / 10
Votes: 22,968 People
A mother bird tries to teach her little one how to find food by herself. In the process, she encounters a traumatic experience that she must overcome in order to survive.
_ _______
( ( /|( ____ )|\ /|
| \ ( || ( )|| ) ( |
| \ | || (____)|| | _ | |
| (\ \) || _____)| |( )| |
| | \ || ( | || || |
| ) \ || ) | () () |
|/ )_)|/ (_______)
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Source: Piper.2016.720p.BluRay.x264-FLAME

NOTE: Animated short released with Finding Dory.

===== File Info =====
FileSize : 141 MiB
PlayTime : 6mn 5s
VideoCount : 1
AudioCount : 1
===== Video Info =====
Video 0# Stream
VideoCodec : AVC
VideoWidth : 1280 pixels
VideoHeight : 720 pixels
VideoFrameRate : 23.976fps
VideoBitRate : 2600
===== Audio Info =====
Audio 0# Stream
AudioCodec : AAC VBR
AudioBitRate : 640000
AudioChannels : 6
AudioSampleRate : 48000

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