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Spa Night 2016 LiMiTED DVDRip x264-LPD

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Spa Night (2017)

Ratings: 6 / 10
Votes: 973 People
A closeted Korean-American teenager takes a job at a Korean spa to help his struggling family, only to discover an underground world of gay sex at the spa that both...
Actors: Joe Seo, Youn Ho Cho, Haerry Kim, Topher Park, Jose A. Solorio, Il Ahn, Linda Han, Yong Kim, Tae Song, Angie Kim, Kahyun Kim, Janice Pak, Jay Kwon, Chris Yejin, Sun Park

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Title [ Spa Night
Release.Date [ 12/07/2016
Release.Size [ 27x15MB
Runtime [ 1h 36mn
Video.Format [ X264
Frame.Rate [ 23.976 FPS
Aspect.Ratio [ 720x308 *WS*
Bitrate [ 538 kb/s
Subs [ English

IMDB.Link [
IMDB.Rating [ 5.1/10 (212 votes)
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